The tenth Cosmic Ray International Seminar, CRIS 2016, is being organized by the Napoli and Catania Section of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), by the Department of Physics "E. Pancini " of the University of Napoli and by the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Catania in the island of Ischia (NA) 4-8 July 2016.

This conference series started in Catania in 1996 focused on Relativistic Ion Studies and moved in the field of Cosmic Ray Physics since 2004. Recent experimental data on the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR) published by the Pierre Auger and Telescope Array Collaborations and their interpretation with the leading LHC-tuned shower models have stressed beyond any doubt the complexity of the field proving that obtaining more information on the composition of the cosmic rays will be crucial. Moreover, the interpretation of UHECR cannot ignore the results at lower energy and the measurements done with other messengers like neutrinos and photons. The recent detection of gravitational waves just opened an entirely new window on the Universe.

CRIS 2016, following the experience of previous editions, aims to present overviews of existing data and reports from the main experiments currently taking data. Talks will cover both the theoretical/phenomenological and experimental/observational aspects to give an exhaustive overview of this complex field. The discussion about the present status and any future plans requires to involve theorists and experimentalists working on various messengers (charged particles, neutrinos, photons, gravitational waves) and at various energies and wavelengths. Furthermore, the progress in astroparticle physics achieved through space and ground-based detectors is expected to play a major role in the scientific program of CRIS 2016.

The program will include invited lectures and contributed talks, as well as a poster session.

As in the past, the CRIS 2016 Conference is addressed to scientists in the fields as well as to PhD and graduate students. We will encourage lively and informal discussions among participants.